A journalist by profession and photographer by passion, I have been officially part of the imaging industry for over 10 years, though the splinters of passion appeared about 30 years ago, when my uncle let me view through his Polaroid instant camera. During my official ‘stay’ in the industry, I had the good fortune of reviewing all photography equipment right from camera bags up to medium format D-SLRs. I would also consider myself lucky to have witnessed the last straws of fully mechanical film cameras and the transformation from mechanical to electronic, fully manual to fully automatic, film to digital, dark room to Creative Cloud.

TrailingLights is my attempt to wriggle out of the limits of print media to bring about detailed reviews and features that address passionate imaging and lifestyle enthusiasts. Though TrailingLights had initially been conceived as a photography website, I felt that it would not do justice to ignore those gadgets and technologies that are closely connected with photographers. A good photographer is a passionate traveller who keeps himself fit and abreast of the latest technologies. Hence this site can be considered an information portal for all that is connected to your lifestyle.

I assure you that the reviews and features on this site will always come with a ‘Not for Sale‘ tag, which, I presume, is the first step to being honest.

If you have suggestion or want to get in touch with me for any other purpose, feel free to use the contact form.