• Google Algorithm Removes Watermarks: Need you worry?

    In this age of sharing and re-sharing images, a watermark is the only visible solution to the problem of copyright violation. Well, that is going to change soon, or so does it appear. Google recently announced the development of an algorithm that can remove watermarks without a trace, making many stock agencies see red. But should you be worried? Here is a glimpse at the world of copyright. How does the algorithm erase watermarks? This can be explained in plain language thus. The algorithm first detects the watermark in the image and registers the tonality and other characteristics of the […]

  • To Edit or not: Here’s our take

    It has been quite a hot topic of discussion of late, with some of the big names in the industry admitting to having edited or even ‘manipulated’ their photographs. While the purists are dead against editing or post-processing of images, the creatives don’t let go off that easily. Where do we stand? Here is what I think. Photography has always been about manipulation ever since Niepce made his first photographic exposure. For those who have already started hissing at me, let me elaborate. The first photographic attempt required several days of exposure, which itself is manipulation of time. I bet […]