• 6 Tips for Amazing Ganpati Photographs

    It is yet another Ganesh Chaturti, and India, particularly the North and Central portions, sport a festive fervour, bordering a maddening sense of celebration. The various Ganpati idols and Ganesh mandals are a colourful treat to photographers, particularly around Maharashtra. While you brave the rains that invariably appear to bless the immersion and train your lenses on the festivities, we bring you a few tips on capturing this mega-event. 1. Find a vantage point The Ganapati procession during Ganeshotsav is one of the most crowded festivals in India, and shooting the festivities from the ground can be a daunting task […]

  • Eliminate Image Noise

    One of the main problems photographers face today is digital noise in images. For many amateurs, noise is a very confusing word, which they associate only with sound. So what is image noise? What can you do to reduce noise in images? Let us try to find out. Noise has nothing to do with sound, though the term is used mainly in audio. The association of the term noise with sound can also be explained with the basic understanding of the term. Noise can be explained as any unwanted signal that appears in a circuit. When these unwanted signals overwhelm […]